What would discovering the power of your own awareness, finding your authentic Self, and expressing the truth of who you are be worth?

In my 3-part, LIVE interactive workshop, I am going share with you comprehensive frameworks for accessing the power of Self-awareness to locate and transform "blind spots" and triggers, to FREE yourself from painful, repetitive patterns, so you can step into the freedom to be YOU!

As the world shakes and shutters...

As people around the world search for a sustaibable path through the infomation age of pandemica, it's been difficult to see the road ahead, to face obstacles, challenges, and fears that may have stopped you over and over again--unable to free your own mind and heart. You have a vision, a calling, but you’ve felt overwhelmed, defeated, hopeless, or all alone. These are the times in which self-awareness becomes our most valuable asset! ​ Simply put, self-awareness is the elixir that allows you to most rapidly break through unconscious beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaving that have limited you, perhaps your entire life. Don’t you think it’s time for something different? The truth is, many of didn't really have a choice because most of us were not given the tools or skills to address the conditions we're currently facing in the world. Mostly, because few actually know that these tools are actually available! And, like I just mentioned, this is no fault of your own. We in the middle of a collective awakening. It's time to stop living by default and start living by design!

Are you ready to set the world on fire, but not quite sure how to begin?

It’s been difficult to see the road ahead, to face obstacles, challenges, and fears that have stopped you over and over again--unable to free your own mind and heart.  Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed, defeated, hopeless, or all alone.


The truth is, many of us were not given the tools or skills to address the conditions we're currently facing in the world. Mostly, because few know that these tools are actually available!  And, like I just mentioned,  this is no fault of your own. We in the middle of a collective awakening.


It's time to stop living by default and start living by design!

Are you ready to set the world on fire, but not quite sure how to begin?

Hi there! I am Adrienne Lopez and I help creatives, coaches, healers, light workers, and intuitives like you, break out of restrictive boxes, releasing ego structures and unprocessed emotion, that keep you separate from the truth of who you are--ending your love affair with co-dependency, limiting behaviors, and energetic attachments, so you can align and move boldly into your purpose, calling forth your highest version of Self! Because the truth is, your gifts and talents are the medicine that will heal this world.

Is the course right for me?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you're in the RIGHT PLACE!

  • Are you committed to your own path of awakening, and doing the inner work required for yourself and others?

  • Are you willing to observe, heal, and transcend painful or restrictive patterns?

  • Are you ready to access your deep and authentic power, so your choices align with your values

The Power of Self-Awareness Course Includes:

Master the Landscape of Self-Awarness

  • Collaboration

    THREE Weekly, one hour, Zoom trainings, with empowered models for approaching your own consciousness, including practices, strategies, and hacks that will create the clarity and support you need to move boldly toward your heart’s vision in the world.

  • Content

    Weekly Modules, workbook pages to support you in understanding your own relationship to self-awareness, how unconscious behaviors, roles, and pain patterns, have limited your freedom to be the REAL you, and a step-by-step processes to intentionally clear them.

  • Coaching

    My 30 years of expertise and inspiration to integrate your  mind and heart with trail blazing, quantum life coaching and facilitation to transfom your life over time. I will guide participants to really address that core cause, not just deal with the symptoms or conditions, so can create your destiny, not suffer your fate.

Your Self-Awarness Guide

Integrative Awarness Coach

Adrienne Lopez

I coach creatives, healers, lightworkers, empaths and intuitives to utilize the power of self-awareness to heal limiting beliefs, unhealthy ways of thinking, and self-defeating behavior patterns, so they can more fully access and share their potential, gifts, and talents with the world. Through my own self-healing journey from sexual and emotional abuse and trauma, I discovered how becoming a conscious SELF only begin by becoming aware of what you hold below consciousness, often called the subconscious. This starts by disguishing between the symptoms and the causes in your life. Many people are living lives mirrored from their past. We are all spiritual beings having an unique, embodied experience--the coalescence of matter and spirit. And quite literally, the Mindheart space is the portal through which you can access the highest version of you--to get clear on your heart's vision and what you want to create--as a natural expression of your passion! ​

Everything to gain...

Better Relatioships

by Marlena

"Adrienne led me into a greater self-awareness with compassion and a focus on the solution. Working with Adrienne has been a process of growth and hope for me when I was particularly in pain around my relationships. She guided me into a higher consciousness and I continue to use what she taught me as a way to connect with myself and be reminded of the love that is within and around me and on its way!"​

Career Growth


"Working with Adrienne was a game changer. She helped me approach my career with fresh eyes and an unbiased opinion. I was able to calm my chaotic thoughts, bringing serenity to my haphazard decision-making process. I was able to focus on details that I would never have thought to consider myself. Her guidance was invaluable."

Putting it All Together..


Before I started working with Adrienne, I was lacking clarity about how to put together all my talents and knowledge to serve others full-time. I have always created excuses (easily distracted) to avoid working on my projects full-time, keeping them on the sideline. I worked with Adrienne, and received support, guidance, and powerful tools to get clear about my next steps regarding how I should act to achieve my goals. After working with her, I know now know how to organize, combine, and offer, what I have learned from my Clinical Psychology Master's Degree, Yoga Teacher Training, Self-development Master's Degree, and Dance Therapy Training! ​ Adrienne has been an inspiring professional (and person). Our sessions were simple, deep, clear and meaningful. In all of them, I had an AHA Moment! Thank you, Adrienne! I LOVE YOU!



"It was crucial for my self-growth to take the step and experience Adrienne’s coaching. It was a “yes” moment that I allowed before I could make an excuse not to pursue it. To me, the coaching was a form of self-care and getting to know who I am, after years of being buried under patterns that I thought protected me, but ultimately hindered my authenticity and growth. Coaching with Adrienne was one of the most important things I’ve done for myself in over a decade."


  • Will the weekly trainings be recorded?

    Do not fear....if you can’t make a session, you can still catch the recording. Each weekly Zoom training will recorded and posted in your course area so you can watch it as many times as you would like.

  • What if I have questions about the course content as I go through each module?

    Each module has a discussion area, where you can post comments, ask questons, or share your experience. You can also feel free to connect through the Mindheart-space Facebook messenager app.

  • What if I need more support?

    For those ready to work directly, one-on-one, with me for individual mentoring, I created the VIP Mentorship, It is a 3 month, deep dive into self-awareness and is an excellent option for you if you're ready to accelerate your rate of the transformation your consciousness.

What I've seen...

Many people go through their entire life, not realizing that their self-awareness is the number one tool for powerfully creating their life. Why is that, you may ask? Well, on one hand, your self-concept or image, is so powerful because it determines what you believe is possible, how you get to be in the world; while on the other hand, very few have ever had a real opportunity understand how our sense of self is actually created, and thus have become disconnected from true power.

  • Blindspots

    Many try to solve the problems in their life with their small self, called the "ego," because they have no idea what their ego is, or if, and when they are functioning in it. Until you address the "root" cause, the symptoms or conditions will remain.

  • Knowing vs. Knowledge...

    Making that quantum leap is about embodied, or somatic experiencing, befriending and getting to know your nervous system, not accumulating more knowledge. It's about learning how decode and integrate all the wisdom you already have inside.

  • Empowered Action

    It's difficult to take powerful action in your life, when you aren't quite aware of everything that is "in-form-ing" you. The power to heal your life, is the line of communication between the unconscious and conscious parts of your being.

"The Power of Self-Awareness"

Find Your Freedom

I've done it! I've brought together the wisdom of ancient eastern traditions and modern cognitive science to provide you easy to understand models of how your nervous system processes information, shaping your cognitive framework and relationship to self and reality. With a more accurate cartography of how the energy of consciousness functions, you can more fully harness the power of your own mind and your own heart--to access your awareness, your most valuable asset!

During this 3-Part LIVE interactive, intensive Workshop, I share many of the frameworks and practices I’ve used along my own self-healing journey, so you can begin to free yourself from “blind spots” that may have limited your sense of self and how you get to show up in world for years!

You'll have one module per week, 

for 3 consecutive Thursdays via Zoom.

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Workshop Dates: Thursdays @ 4:00PM PST:


July 8th

July 15th

July 22nd


Each workshop is scheduled for 1.5 hours, with homework exercises to support you to consciously create a new relationship with your own self-awareness. If you can't make it LIVE--I got you covered! Each workshop will be recorded and posted in your course area, so don't worry!

In this workshop, you will discover how to approach your awareness in ways that will empower beyond what you believed possible:

Module 1: Make the Unconscious Conscious 

  • How the structure of your consciousness actually “hides” the real you from yourself.
  • How bringing the truth serum of self-awareness can unfold these hidden aspects of your consciousness

Module 2: Befriend the Players on the Stage

  • How to use the Ego Triangle to propel you forward
  • How to Identify and release yourself from unconscious roles and behaviors 

Module 3: Clear your Path to Power

  • How to heal and release the stacked emotion and trauma that keeps you playing small and safe inside your comfort zone.
  • How to uncover the real blueprint for your life--your innate passions, gifts, and talents—to emerge!

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If not now, when?

Let self-awareness be your guide...

I had fallen into a vicious cycle of depression and confusion. I was no longer feeling like myself, nor was I able to enjoy my life or my wonderful children. This is definitely not a normal stage for me to be in for too long, missing my usually optimistic self and really wanting to get on with my life.

I didn’t see a way out of. I was completely stuck in the Ego and my mental body. Adrienne saw this immediately and was able to gently speak with me, guide me to my own answers.

For me this was the key to climbing out of the hole, understanding why my mind was doing what it was doing, and how it worked really made things click for me. I am now able to catch my Ego faster, understanding the relationship with it better, which is essential to living my life empowered. I am extremely grateful to Adrienne for sharing her radiant self so fully and coaching me back to my radiant self. 

Thank you Adrienne!!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Welcome Message--PLEASE READ!

    • Course Introduction and Welcome


  • 2

    Course Calendar and Weekly LIVE Zoom links HERE!

    • Course Calendar/Zoom Links

  • 3

    Module 1: Making the Unconscious Conscious

    • The Self Matrix

    • The Dominate Ego Lens

    • The Giraffe Comic

  • 4

    Module 2: Befriending the Players on the Stage

    • The Ego Triangle

    • The Ego Triangle Description

  • 5

    Module 3: Clearing your Path to Freedom

    • The Secret Path to Freedom

    • The Secret Path to Freedom Description

"Your sense of self-awareness shapes your perception,

determining how you get to show up in the world. And if you aren't orchestrating it, someone else will."